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Let’s Talk Sports Psychology: ToughASIA Partners Mind Gap to Dive Deep Into the Minds of Malaysian Athletes

Fitness is not all physical; there is a mental side to it. Even if an athlete is in great shape, one may come across intellectual obstacles that can reduce motivation and stifle performance.

Beginning August 2020, ToughASIA and Mind Gap Sport Psych Services (Mind Gap) will release a series of articles to address various issues related to sports psychology – specifically in the areas of running, cycling and multisports – to help athletes perform better.

“Sports performance is greatly determined by the mindset. Every stage, from training to pre-, during and post-race, requires a different mental approach to ensure long term improvement and success. We hope that our partnership with Mind Gap can greatly benefit our local athletes in the long run,” said Sim Teong Eu, co-owner and head of marketing of ToughASIA.

Mind Gap, a sports psychology consultancy co-founded by Bryan Win and Joshua Ng in 2019, has been consulting athletes of all levels from various sporting disciplines. Its clients past and present include the Squash Racquet Association of Malaysia, Majlis Sukan Negeri Pulau Pinang, Battle Arena Elites, and various individual athletes.

“Athletes have always been looking to get a winning edge in their sporting performance. In recent years, we have athletes focusing only on the physical aspects – nutrition, strengths and conditioning – but neglect the mental sides,” said Bryan, co-founder of Mind Gap.

“We hope that through this partnership with ToughASIA, we can raise awareness to the local athletes’ mental strengths by educating them on the science and effectiveness of sports psychology and help them gain an edge in their sporting performances.”

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