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FAQ on Sports During MCO Effective 1 June

Woman Runs a Marathon for Every Day in LockdownFollowing the government’s recent announcement, only LIMITED sporting activities like running will be allowed during the Movement Control Orders (MCO) nationwide. This will apply from June 1st till further notice.

To keep things simple, we have summarised what you can and cannot do according to the local limitations. Please keep in mind that these provisions are to enable you to keep healthy physically and mentally.

Please do not use this opportunity to abuse and circumvent our government’s effort in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

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Keep a safe distance of 2 meters from the nearest person while running. (File pic)

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What Sports Can I Do?

As of now, only running and exercise for INDIVIDUALS are allowed from 7am to 8pm. No group sports activities. The Ministry of Sports has stated a description of exercises which you can do in a spot on your own; for example, skipping, star jumps and stretching.

Please continue to observe social distancing of 2 meters and keep a mask on when you have stopped exercising.

Considering that non-essential businesses are not allowed to open, swimming pools, indoor studios and gymnasiums will be closed until further notice.

Where Can I Go Running?

Within 10km in your own neighbourhood, town and your district boundaries and adhering to roadblocks.

Can I Go Cycling, Hiking or Pursue Other Sports?

To date, only jogging and exercise have been allowed explicitly. There is no mention about cycling, hiking and other sports. Do stay tuned for updates by the relevant authorities.

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Sports SOP outlined by the Ministry of Sports (Facebook/KBSMalaysia)

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As of now, there have been no official announcements by the city and town councils on parks which are allowed to open. Check with the park nearest to you before you head out.

For more updates, please refer to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Security Council (MKN) and your local authorities.