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Garmin Malaysia and MyFundAction Donates More Than RM 30000 to Flood Victims

Garmin Malaysia joins forces with MyFundAction, a youth-run non-profit organisation, in providing RM 36,551.90 worth of essential items to support 45 families affected by the recent flood disaster.

The partnership represents a combined effort on two fronts. Garmin Malaysia is responsible for preparing boxes of essential items such as dry food, blankets, diapers and COVID-19 test kits while MyFundAction steps in to deliver them to the families in need.

“At Garmin Malaysia, we admire the compassion of our youths who go out of their own way to help fellow Malaysians through rescue efforts, donations, clean-ups and social media activism. Garmin is proud to partner with MyFundAction and be a part of this colossal effort to offer genuine support so that those affected by the flood are reminded that they are not alone.” said Ivan Ong, General Manager for Aeco Technologies, the official distributor of Garmin Malaysia.

“The partnership between Garmin Malaysia and MyFundAction strives to improve the victims’ quality of life during this challenging period. We spent the holiday season towards the end of the year to ensure that they can start the new year with their basic needs taken care of and it does not end here.” Said Siti Aisyah Shahid, Chief Operating Officer MyfundAction.

All items donated by Garmin are based on MyFundAction’s request for the most sought-after essentials. As of today, the organisation is still seeking funds for basic food supply, hygiene kits and ready-to-eat packs. Please refer to their Emergency Flood Relief Campaign to donate.

This partnership is part of Garmin’s effort to raise awareness on the impact of the flood disaster while being on the forefront of providing support. In the future, Garmin Malaysia will continue to organise similar initiatives to further expand its boundaries on championing goodwill.