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5 reasons NOT do the Ironman triathlon

So, everyone wants to pursue Triathlon and even want to become an Ironman (no relation to Tony Stark) someday. Are you really ready for the challenge?

Here’s 5 reasons why you SHOULDN’T do an Ironman, tongue in cheek, of course.

5. You can never be ill again, never turn down an athletic challenge again, never take the escalator instead of the stairs, never fail to lift something a ‘bit heavy’ without some smart arse saying “I thought you were supposed to be an Ironman.”

4. Your spend a huge amount of money on food, as you will go through meals like a plague of locusts even after training, what more on race day.


3. You used to be so neat and clean with hygiene standards but you can now happily wee yourself while swimming or cycling just so you don’t have to stop.

2. You will acquire chafing in parts of your body that you previously didn’t consider even mattered.

1. You will lose all sense of monetary value. Only in a world as mad as Ironmans would you consider a bag or a cap you get for entering a £400 race as a ‘free gift’. And afterwards you get a medal you’ll never wear, and a race T-shirt you’ll wear to death for two weeks

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  1. Participate, finish then write a book lol good not every ironman finishers makes a big deal out of it rofl

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