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Football legend Frank Lampard interested in Triathlon

Football legend Frank Lampard is interested in Triathlon after retirement. (getty images)

Football superstar Frank Lampard might be ‘hiding’ in the United States playing ‘soccer’ but he has revealed his post retirement plans.

Strangely upon retirement, Lampard is interested in pursuing three sports instead and you may find him swimming, cycling and running alongside you in a triathlon. When he hangs up his football cleats, he’ll put on a swim cap, cycling cleats and running shoes instead

The 38-year-old has enjoyed a resurgence in his second season in New York City, scoring 12 goals in 15 starts, wearing in a lighter blue jersey than before.

“I’d love to do an Ironman. I’d love to. I’ve always had a huge respect for people who do the Ironman, honestly,” Lampard said

“It’s a very tough endurance race that I think is much more popular these days than ever. At the end of my career, hopefully after a little bit of rest, I can attempt to do that.”

If he does choose to pursue Triathlon, Lampard will join a string of top-notch athletes who have tackled the Ironman after retiring from the sport that made them famous.
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