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New Season of Quest for the IRONMAN World Championship Launched

IRONMAN has announced the latest season of Quest for the IRONMAN World Championship fuelled by Gatorade Endurance on the IRONMAN YouTube channel. Each episode will take viewers behind-the-scenes to highlight the journey triathlon athletes take on their quest to qualify for the most iconic endurance event in the world – the IRONMAN® World Championship.

Throughout the series, athletes evolve physically and emotionally as they pursue their goal of competing among the best in the triathlon world at the IRONMAN World Championship.

Each episode will chart the journey of an IRONMAN World Championship hopeful, capturing the breathtaking scenery, local culture, and unique athletic challenges that each IRONMAN triathlon race setting presents.

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Quest for IRONMAN World Championship fuelled by Gatorade Endurance Athletes

Cody Beals – is a professional triathlete hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Cody had an exceptional season in 2019, but the pressures of racing at the top level, an injury, and challenges associated with Covid-19 have seen Beals’ career stall.

“I feel like I can bring something special on an IRONMAN course, so now I’m here,” said Cody leading into IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene. “I have no excuses. I’m fit and healthy, and I think racing from a place of gratitude is just about the best emotion you can carry forward on the race day.”

Clarice Chastang – A resident of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Clarice Chastang is the only professional Asian-American woman on the pro circuit and wants to bring more diversity to the sport. The opportunity she has to inspire young girls is what drives her in every training session and through each race.

“Every time I’m out on that race course or whenever it gets tough, I think about a little Asian girl that was in the same exact shoes that I was in when I was younger; being bullied, not thinking that they had a place in this world, especially in sport. Hopefully I can be a role model and they can follow in my footsteps one day.” said Clarice.

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Clarice Chastang (Screenshot from YouTube)

Venus Cooke – A physical education teacher in New York City. Cooke is passionate about sharing the IRONMAN lifestyle with her students and community. She wants her students to know that with hard work and self-belief, Anything Is Possible for them too.

“IRONMAN has really changed who I am as a person. I am so much stronger than what I was… I was emotionally broken when my father passed and when I got into IRONMAN, it gave me that confidence.”

Andrea Hirth – After the birth of her second daughter in 2002, Andrea Hirth of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, was encouraged by a college friend to train for a local all-women’s Sprint triathlon as a way to regain fitness and have some fun. She had no idea that this experience would be the springboard to 11 IRONMAN finishes and qualification for the 2021 Intermountain Healthcare IRONMAN World Championship presented by Utah Sports Commission.

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Noel Mulkey (Screenshot from YouTube)

Noel Mulkey – Not long ago, Noel Mulkey of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was living a very different lifestyle. At the height of his drug addiction, Noel was pawning his mother’s jewellery and forging checks to feed his heroin dependency. After a personal reckoning and finally getting clean, Noel took up triathlon, and it gave him the fresh start, and the purpose, he so desperately sought. He began documenting his recovery journey as a way to inspire others to chase their own goals and get fit.

In quick order, Noel began amassing a huge following on social media by people who appreciated his openness about the ups and downs of getting clean and reinventing himself as a triathlete. Today, Noel has more than a million followers on TikTok and 70,000 on Instagram. Noel raced the 2021 Certified Piedmontese Beef IRONMAN Tulsa triathlon with the objective of securing one of the few qualifying spots available for the men in his 25-29 age group. “I’ve put my heart and soul into getting ready for Tulsa, and there is no better high than crossing the finish line,” said Noel.