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Alistair Brownlee prove dominance at 2016 Vattenfall World Triathlon in Stockholm

Alistair Brownlee recaptured the title at the 2016 Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm. (ITU)
Alistair Brownlee recaptured the title at the 2016 Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm. (ITU)

The Brownlee brothers once again showed their dominance in Triathlon after Alistair Brownlee recaptured the title at the 2016 Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm, four out of the five years.

Younger brother Jonathan Brownlee stayed on his hip until the final metres to claim silver while France’s Pierre Le Corre ran his way to bronze. Alistair said of his race and fitness now getting closer to Rio.

“It was tough, I mean it is a good course, it is technical. It was proper racing, you can make it difficult even when you are in a group. We did that, we tried to break it up a little bit and I think we did that. I felt good today, I definitely felt a step up from Leeds to be honest, well on my way to be to be well fit.”

“I feel that overall, my overall triathlon performance has been good, I think I just need to run about a minute faster, which I think I can do in the next six weeks if I can move my running on about that much I will be at my best, and that will be my best possible chance at winning another Olympic medal.”

Sticking with Alistair right until the final metres, Jonny finished the day with silver, meaning the Brownlees have now gone 1-2 on the WTS podium six times. They have now also| shared the WTS podium a total of 11 times.

“I am pleased with how I felt, I thought I had a good chance at beating Alistair because I felt good on the run. We got through the first two laps and I thought, ‘well that five kilometres went really quickly’ and then on that last lap I heard him breathing hard, and obviously with us training together I know when he is trying to hurt.

“So I thought I would give it a go, but then he was just a little bit better than me today. I am a little disappointed because I thought I had a good chance at beating him today, but I will come back and try again,” said Jonny.


Swim start at the World Triathlon Stockholm. (ITU)
Swim start at the World Triathlon Stockholm. (ITU)

After the 1500m swim, Richard Varga (SVK) who bulldozed into the first transition zone as the leader but was soon joined by a group of 12 men formed together to start out the 9-lap cycle which included pack included both Brownlees.

While there were a few breakaway attempts, the peloton remained tight and entered the second transition zone bunched together, but with a sizeable 90-second advantage over the chase.

Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee seized the opportunity to catapult to the front two spots on the four-lap run.

Running side by side, it was clear that both brothers would once again be on the WTS podium together, but it was not a matter of who would get the gold and who would get the silver.

The Brownlee brothers raced joined at the hips until the last kilometer. (ITU)
The Brownlee brothers raced joined at the hips until the last kilometer. (ITU)

Behind them, Schoeman, Blummenfelt and Schomburg were running as a trio, gunning for the final podium spot. However, a negative split performance meant Le Corre came blasting past the group into the bronze medal position.

With one kilometre to go, it still was uncertain which of the Brownlee brothers would take the gold. However, in a final last-ditch effort, older brother Alistair jutted ahead of Jonny to hit the finish chute first. He captured his second consecutive WTS victory of the season and also his second WTS Stockholm title after first winning it back in 2013.

Jonny then followed suit just 10 seconds later to claim the silver medal and his fourth WTS medal of the season. Le Corre’s impressive run landed him his second WTS podium of his career.

Another strong performance of the day went to Alarza, who earned 5th place, which was enough to move into the leader position in the ColumbiaThreadneedle Rankings over Spanish compatriot Mario Mola.

Elite Men

1. Alistair Brownlee GBR GB 01:50:33
2. Jonathan Brownlee GBR GB 01:50:43
3. Pierre Le Corre FRA FR 01:51:30
4. Andreas Schilling DEN DK 01:51:47
5. Fernando Alarza ESP ES 01:51:48
6. Kristian Blummenfelt NOR NO 01:52:05
7. Jonas Schomburg TUR TR 01:52:18
8. Henri Schoeman RSA ZA 01:52:22
9. Aurelien Raphael FRA FR 01:52:59
10. Adam Bowden GBR GB 01:53:05

Rankings Men

1. Fernando Alarza ESP ESP 3345
2. Mario Mola ESP ESP 3033
3. Jonathan Brownlee GBR GBR 2905
4. Pierre Le Corre FRA FRA 2354
5. Adam Bowden GBR GBR 1852
6. Henri Schoeman RSA RSA 1846
7. Alistair Brownlee GBR GBR 1652
8. Crisanto Grajales MEX MEX 1640
9. Aurelien Raphael FRA FRA 1564
10. Ryan Bailie AUS AUS 1493

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