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IRONMAN launches Virtual Racing Championship Series

(Facebook/IRONMAN VR)

IRONMAN has announced the IRONMAN® Virtual Racing™ (VR™) Championship Series over four weeks for the age-group competition.

Athletes will be competing for an opportunity to race in the 2020 edition of the IRONMAN® 70.3® World Championship with a total of 75 qualifying slots allocated across age groups for top performers over the next four weeks beginning June 5th. with IRONMAN VR10 in the all-new IRONMAN VR Championship Series.

The competition format for the IRONMAN VR Championship Series will be made up of three 5150™ branded Olympic distance (IM VR10, IM VR11, IM VR13) and one IRONMAN® 70.3® brand half-distance (IM VR12) race simulation from IRONMAN VR10 through IRONMAN VR13. A video tutorial can be found below.


For the IRONMAN VR Championship Series, athletes must complete the run segments outdoors, while the bike segment must be completed on the prescribed weekly course utilizing the Official Virtual Training partner ROUVY’s augmented reality in Race Mode (not Training Mode). Additionally, while the competition weekend consists of a 54-hour period, athletes must complete all three segments of the contest within 12 hours of starting their race, performing the disciplines in the proper order (short run, bike, long run).

The full set of rules and regulations for the IRONMAN VR Championship Series can be found on the IRONMAN Virtual Club website.