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Join the Global Marathon Relay with World’s Top Marathoners


Continuing on the Global Running Day fever, let us get into another global run happening this weekend from June 6-7th.

Runners around the world have the opportunity to race in the MA RA TH ON initiative organised by the NN Running Team in partnership with Maurten. This will be a virtual marathon relay but you can run the 10.5km race solo, and be placed in a random team, or you can gather a team of four runners.

5 reasons to enter virtual MA RA TH ON

1 – Revise your 2020 race goals

Many running races locally and internationally have been cancelled or postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, get inspired to set your NEW 2020 goal, even if it means running virtual races. On the plus side, you get to race anytime, anywhere at your own convenience with or without your running buddies.

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2 – Compete with NN Running Team superstars

World marathon record-holder Eliud Kipchoge, the second fastest marathoner in history Kenenisa Bekele, the world half marathon record-holder and and world 15km record-holder Geoffrey Kamworor and world 10,000m champion Joshua Cheptegei are the big names running this marathon relay.

You have the chance to race against them or be placed in the same team if you register individually. What are the chances of that happening in real life? Virtual races are cool.

3 – Keep active

Keeping active for your physical well-being is important, but it is equally important for your mental health. If you lack motivation, this is the time to get up, put on your running shoes, and go for a run, or even start with a brisk walk.

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4 – It’s FREE

Many of us runners have paid so much in registration fees that may not be returned, so getting this free marathon relay race is a bonus!

5 – Running can be a team sport

Running brings individuals together. You can run this virtual relay even as a solo runner, so don’t fret about not having running buddies near you. This is your chance to find like-minded runners and complete that 10.5km distance this weekend, and perhaps make new friends. Running can be a team sport!

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“Every runner has their own pace, their own background and their own motives to why they run.” – NN Running Team superstar Eliud Kipchoge

For more details and to register, visit the NN Running Team’s website here.