Literally translating as “daughter of Thor”, Annie Thorisdottir has been trailblazing an inspirational path from the country of Iceland. Such an apt name for a strong, talented and committed individual, often known as the ‘Icelandic Princess of CrossFit’.

Annie is very open about her competitive side. She competes because she wants to win. She also uses this drive to power all aspects of her performance forward.

“Identify your finish line – and as soon as you get there find the next one. Having goals is essential to growing, essential to learning, essential to be better than you were yesterday.”

Inspire your training today with a some tips from Annie, and try out her workouts as below.

AMRAP Workout from Annie

Part 1

10 minute AMRAP

  • 60 burpees
  • 30 OHS (50% of 1 rep max)
  • 10 Muscle Ups (scale with pull ups)

Rest until heart rate returns to 99 BPM or below (or rest 3 minutes).

Part 2

  • 10 minute AMRAP
  • 5 Power Cleans (60% of 1rep max)
  • 10 Toes to bar
  • 15 Wall balls

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