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CrossFit Box Review: CrossFit Pahlwan – Open 7 days a week

Maslina Ismail executing the Shoulder to Overhead move at CrossFit Pahlawan
Maslina Ismail executing the Shoulder to Overhead move at CrossFit Pahlawan

CrossFit Pahlawan, located in a shopping mall, Citta Mall in Petaling Jaya, Selangor pride themselves as the only CrossFit box to open 7 days a week in KL.

Established by Dann and a group of workout buddies who discovered the joys of CrossFit and had such a good time working out and hanging out that they decided it would be brilliant to start their own box and spread the love of CrossFit!

Masquerading as Tough Asia’s CrossFit junkie, I checked out the box with Coach Dann creating a WOD (Workout of the Day) and taking me through the ropes.

Huge and ample workout space for everyone
Huge and ample workout space for everyone
Coach Dann demonstrating shoulder mobility movements as warm-up
Coach Dann demonstrating shoulder mobility movements as warm-up

Huge workout space for different purposes

CF Pahlawan is located on the top floor of the mall, it’s a huge box with ample space to run, to do prowler push and to WOD; all in different areas. Comfortably, this box is able to accommodate 25-30 members per session. Plus, they have separate zones for WOD-ding and Open Gym.

In terms of equipment, CF Pahlawan has most of the basic covered and is fully equipped with Rogue equipments. You can’t complain when you have Rogue in the house. There are also plenty of barbells while rowers are easily accessible and available for members.

Good coaching from the get-go!

The coaches emphasise on the warm up and stretching before conducting a WOD. Movement-focused warmup is essential to prevent injury, for example, we went through shoulder-mobility exercises to warm-up towards the WOD which uses a lot of shoulder movement.

CF Pahlawan
Fr L-R: Regina, Coach Dann, Maslina, Richard and Coach Tom

Friendly community

Coach Dann also took the time to explain on how to perform movements correctly to newbies, which is important to educate them and create awareness. The weight was also scaled according to the member’s ability.

Even though it was my first visit to the box, the community – the coaches, members and their friends were incredibly welcoming and friendly.

Post-workout, there are sufficient toilets and showers for members. The restroom here is also equipped with locker and hairdryer – always essential for a girl!

CF Pahlawan
Friends gathered for a weekend WOD at CrossFit Pahlawan

Open 7 days a week – gather your friends for a workout

The membership price at CF Pahlawan is reasonable considering the facilities available and after all, they are the only CrossFit box that opens 7 days a week in this part of town. Their drop-in price is also reasonable, so friends can gather over the weekend to create their own workout.

For more info, follow CrossFit Pahlawan on Facebook or visit their website.


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