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Fate of Postponed London Marathon In Limbo

On 13 March, organisers of the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon announced the postponement of the race to 4 October 2020. However, it seems as though a further delay is possible for the highly anticipated race.

“At this point, we cannot be certain if the event can go ahead or, if it can, in what form it can take place,” said Hugh Brasher, the Event Director of London Marathon Events in a statement today.

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“We know that you would like certainty. We understand and acknowledge that you want to know if you should start serious training or restart your fundraising campaign.”

“But this is a world where things are changing so rapidly on a day to day basis and that is now far from certain. The London marathon Events team is working hard on many different possible scenarios and, as circumstances change, we come up with new ideas.”

The statement also acknowledged its responsibility towards the runners who have registered for this year’s race, “[however], this is about far more than putting on a marathon. We need to be sure it is right for society.”

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“We all look forward to the day when running the 26.2 miles from Greenwich to Westminister again embodies that founding aim:” to provide some happiness and a sense of achievement in a troubled world.”

The fate of the 2020 Virgin Money London marathon will be announced on 21 June 2020.

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