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Strava Removes Free Features and Introduces New Subscription Plans


Almost everyone who has come into running and cycling would likely may have heard of or have used Strava. However, effective today, Strava has brought some major changes to the social-fitness networking app and software.

Despite releasing 51 athlete-facing improvements already in 2020, from Apple Watch syncing to a huge update to our Routes features, and a lot more, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced Strava to reconsider their strategy and stream-line their operations.

In a nutshell, the ‘Segment Leadersboards’ section which awakened the competitive nerves in us when we first started using Strava is no longer free. Admit it, enabling us to see who ran or cycled the fastest on a particular segment or overall ride did push us to the edge on our so-called ‘social’ or ‘santai’ rides.

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According to Strava, the company will simplify its subscription plans to ensure that it can serve athletes decades from now, and in an upfront way that honours the support of the athletes it serves today.

“We plan to take what we earn from these changes and reinvest straight back into building more and better features. We simply want to make a product so good that you’re happy to pay for it.”

Amidst the struggling world economy following this pandemic, Strava will endeavour to keep the free version of Strava high quality and useful.

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New features for subscribers

  • A big Routes update, with planning & recommendations on iOS and Android
  • Matched Rides: Analyze performance on identical rides over time
  • See your full workout history with Training Log on iOS
  • Workout Analysis is now available for all activity types
  • Grade-Adjusted Pace (GAP) now on iOS and Android
  • Coming soon: A whole new way to compete on segments…

New subscription features that were previously free

  • Overall segment leaderboards (Top 10 view is still free)
  • Comparing, filtering and analyzing segment efforts
  • Route planning on strava.com, with a huge redesign launching soon!
  • Matched Runs: Analyze performance on identical runs over time
  • Training Log on Android and strava.com
  • Monthly activity trends and comparisons

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Recent releases for all athletes

  • “Favorites first” feed settings and the return of the chronological feed
  • Improved impossible effort detection… False KOMs, QOMs, CRs dethroned!
  • Apple Watch uploading and improved sync to Apple Health
  • Recorded the drive home by accident? New mobile activity cropping
  • All activities now show both elapsed and moving time
  • New or improved analysis of power, cadence and swimming stroke rate