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Cameron Ultra (CULTRA) Celebrates New Records and Milestones

The annual Cameron Ultra marks the 6th edition for the year 2023, saw a total of almost 2,500 runners from around the world gather to tackle the multiple challenging categories courses, ranging from 4km (junior category), to 14km, 30km, 60km, and 100km (for open categories).

The event’s fastest time in the 100km distance was set by Hisashi Kitamura, who raced across the finish line in an impressive 12 hours 1 minute and 7 seconds. This new record adds to the growing list of accomplishments for the Cameron Ultra.

International participation has also reached new heights with 450 runners from various countries taking part in the race. The event’s global appeal has grown significantly, with a 35% increase in international participants compared to the previous editions.

This year’s edition introduced a few notable differences from previous events – with new challenging technical courses for all categories, which included additional elevation gain, providing participants with a more challenging and exhilarating experience. Additionally, the introduction of 4km distance gives junior runners (12-17 years old) the chance to experience Cameron Ultra Race and nurture the new generation of ultra trail runners. With the addition of this new category, the event now offers four race options.

CULTRA is also excited to announce the sponsorship by Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCeb) as a new member of sponsor partner for CULTRA edition 2023. Their commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our goals, making them an ideal partner for our venture.

In addition, one of CULTRA 2023 safety Check Point (CP), has been sponsored by Big Big Place Village and with their generous support, we can now enhance the overall experience for our participants, supporters and community. We will have the opportunity to introduce new features, improve existing offerings, and explore innovative ideas that will take CULTRA 2023 to a higher level.

The Cameron Ultra has a reputation for being a test of endurance and resilience, and this year was no exception. The coldest temperature recorded during the event reached a chilling 11°C, adding an additional element of challenge to the race.

Without fail, CULTRA every year will include Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme and this year CULTRA has organize plogging, tree planting, community bonding with Kg. Panggen, and they’ve also introduced recycling effort for this year. All the CSR activities has been participated by SWCorp, MyCeb, AlamFlora, Persatuan Pandu Puteri Malaysia and Lembaga Kebajikan Perempuan Islam Cameron Highlands.

CULTRA continues to grow in popularity and prestige. With a total of four race categories, a record number of participants, and new course challenges, the event has truly solidified its place in the trail running world.