Danica Patrick is in her seventh NASCAR season and the driver of the No. 10 Nature’s Bakery Chevy. (Instagram)

Make no mistake, this stunning lady, Danica Patrick is in fact the driver of the NASCAR vehicle and not just a model.

Danica Patrick is in her seventh NASCAR season and the driver of the No. 10 Nature’s Bakery Chevy joined the mainstream ranks by going against the current, immersing herself and succeeding in the male-dominated world of professional motorsports.

Creating history all over, she also became the first woman to lead laps and score a top-five finish in her first Indianapolis 500, and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, becoming the first Indy car driver to be featured on the front page in 20 years.

We tracked her down to find out how she incorporates CrossFit into keeping strong and fit behind the wheel.

Workouts to strengthen the drive 

I focus on my upper body and endurance. I think that when you’re physically fit, you’re not as distracted in the car with being tired or worn out or having something hurt. Those distractions are completely unproductive.

Honestly, the mental side of things is very important, especially in a competitive sport. It’s great to train your mind to work through pain and exhaustion.

Danica loves doing yoga at home. (Instagram/Danica Patrick)

Danica loves doing yoga at home. (Instagram/Danica Patrick)

Two workouts in a day

In the morning, sometimes I do yoga and then in the afternoon my boyfriend [fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr.] and I do some CrossFit. Doing two workouts in a day is not out of the question for me.

Sweating with Rich Froning

We converted a barn into a CrossFit gym. We’re also friends with the fittest man in the world, Rich Froning, who won the CrossFit Games four years in a row.

Rich helps out with some of our programming. But we’ve done CrossFit long enough and I travel enough that I make them up myself, too. There’s no “wrong” workout, there’s only one that ends up being either a little too easy or a little too hard.

I’m bored….

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Eat healthy, stay healthy

Generally I eat oatmeal, some smoothies, veggies, and any kind of meat — steak, chicken, pork, you name it. I try to stay away from gluten for the most part, and dairy which leaves rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, and quinoa.

It’s just hard to find good food when you’re moving around, and I have a big weakness for trail mix, in fact.

Danica Patrick's healthy post workout snack. (Instagram)

Danica Patrick’s healthy post workout snack. (Instagram)

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