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Cyclist Partner from Tokio Marine covers you and your cycling equipment

Cycling liberates our soul but we always have a notion of fear at the back of our minds. We want to venture far and wide, exploring new places on two wheels however, cycling on roads with vehicles can be dangerous and hazardous.

Now, with the introduction of an insurance for cyclists, we can all set out to cycle with a peace of mind. Those who are interested in cycling races usually worry about crashes, potential repair costs and medical bills but can now put their pedal to the metal and race with a clear mind.

Carson Wong, the initiator behind the Cyclist Partner Insurance is a business owner and cyclist himself. He’s also a coach at the Junior Cycling Malaysia (JCM) and has been newly appointed as cycling coach with Team TIME’s Junior Triathlon squad.

“As one of the coaches from JCM, our main goal is to encourage cyclists to race, and to ride more to practice active lifestyle. We hope that the coverage will mitigate certain risk related to racing, touring, training including your casual weekend ride with friends.” explains Carson Wong.

Carson Wong (right) and his team pedalled to victory at the recent Team Time Trial race at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia.

This insurance cover, Cyclist Partner was conceived by cyclists to cover fellow cyclists in the community.

Together with his team consisting of insurance advisor Lester Tin, cycling buddies Choong Cheong Vong (Vong) and Simon Ong will be advising on the product and sales cum operations respectively.

Carson cycles every weekend around the Klang Valley and participates in cycling races in regularly himself, therefore he understands the risk a cyclists goes through. When compared to your yearly spend on cycling equipment, the cost of insuring with Tokio Marine’s Cyclist Partner is an affordable way to protect you and your cycling equipment.

Tokio Marine has listened to the needs of cycling enthusiasts and will provide the insurance coverage covering damage costs for cycling jersey, helmet, protection up to two bicycle in a single policy, races and events in Malaysia, including cycling tours and races outside of Malaysia. Personal accident cover, medical expenses and emergency evacuation will also be covered.

Cyclist Partner also covers your weekend ride with your cycling buddies.

“We also look forward to collaborating with cycling event organizers to provide coverage for their participants. Junior Cycling Malaysia is our first major event partner, covering the criteriums, road races and velodrome activities.” added Carson.

The Cyclist Partner is presented by Maison de Idea, an insurance partner of Tokio Marine Insurance Group. For more info, follow Cyclist Partner on Facebook here or visit your local bicycle shops.