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[Updated] Movement and Mobility Workout with Under Armour @ The Park: Jalan Bangkung Park, Bangsar, KL – 07.06.2016

UABangsar Jun 7

Participate in a free workout session conducted by our Under Armour Malaysia Brand Athlete, Hansen Lee every week at Jalan Bangkung Park.

Start off the workout with a warm-up 2KM Community Run around Jalan Bangkung followed by an hour of Movement and Mobility workout with Hansen.

UABangsar Movement Hansen

Our upcoming Armour@ThePark session is happening at Jalan Bangkung Park in Bangsar, KL.

Participants are required to gather at Jalan Bangkung Park half an hour before the event to fill in an indemnity form.

Register for the free workout at this link.

UABangsar Movement
Going through the Bear Crawl movement with Hansen Lee

Movement and Mobility Workout

Movement and mobility is a customised workout by Under Armour Malaysia Brand Athlete Hansen Lee to increase the performance of all fitness individuals. The workout focused on technique and learning of the perfect form and movement through better understanding of your body.

Often at times, athletes are too focused on completing a rep, or pushing for the number of reps that they neglect their form and posture. Over time, this becomes very straining on the body and usually results in injuries and expensive medical bills.

The movement and mobility workout aims to improve on general form and sport posture, to create a stronger foundation for existing and aspiring sportsman, to move and perform better regardless of the sport they may want to practice.

Hansen Lee

About Hansen Lee

Actor, TV Host, emcee, voiceover talent, personal trainer and yoga instructor: Hansen Lee wears many different hats in his career and he is equally passionate towards everything he does.

Born and raised in Malaysia, he discovered basketball at a young age and was determined on becoming the next Michael Jordan. Albeit that didn’t happen, it made him aware of the importance of discipline and dedication towards training.

This fierce passion for improvement brought upon great results as well as injuries. But Hansen believes that it is through these injuries that he has learnt the most about himself. The journey has brought him to his latest discovery: That he is generally passionate about moving. Hansen feels that movement training is what people in today’s modern day living, severely needs and like always, he is determined to walk the path and lead by example.