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“How are you?” “Shoulder been better!”

I don’t usually talk about isolation, but the shoulder is another weak spot which is worth special mentioning.

It is also another group of muscles seldom used, as we tend to push heavy object up with our legs.

Shoulders are important in cross training like crossfit.
In crossfit, shoulders play an important role at lifting and acrobatic, such as dips, muscle up, overhead squats, push press, even back and front squats. Strong shoulders help stabilizing and directing weight towards the soles.


But before we start strengthening the shoulders, we have to first talk about active shoulders.
Why? Simply because it is a very dynamic joint with a group of muscles to accommodate a wide range of movements, including part of your neck.

Right use of active shoulders can help conserve energy in long workouts, and strong shoulders can help balancing heavy weight overhead.
And there is a group of athletes who excel in active shoulders – Gymnast.
Here are some ‘hack’ or trick gymnast commonly use to warm up, stretching to engage the shoulders.


Here are some practice/stretches for active shoulders
Shoulder pass

[embedvideo id=”HtvugDP-jrI” website=”youtube”]


[embedvideo id=”n_3FUHQJOYk” website=”youtube”]
Shoulder shrugs
Arm swings/rotate

Here are some workouts for strengthen your shoulders
Shoulder press
Push press

[embedvideo id=”4DklYEgBLh0″ website=”youtube”]
Overhead squats
Front squats
Single Arm Dumbbell snatch
Clean & Jerk

rowingPictures credit to instagram user Crossfit