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Training for our toughest race in 2014 – The Burden Run

This will definitely be one of the toughest races I will ever participate.
(I asked myself why repeatedly after signing up)

Here is how it goes:
4.5km run to a sandbag station; 5.7km run with a 10kg sandbag (7kg for females).


Then I asked: How should I train for this race?

Unlike any other races, this race doesn’t solely depend on running and stamina.
It is also about upper body strength and balance to carry the load throughout the race.
So naturally it will be a complex training regime.
A workout regime that can refer to crossfit.

Lets “dissect” the race a little.
After 4.5km run, you’d probably have 2 issues – tired calves and tired hips.
Chances are the calves will start cramping once you pick up the sandbag, unless you are accustomed to run with glutes and thighs as well, which are larger muscle group and more efficient in carrying heavy load.

Another problem is running with one shoulder with load will cause tremendous amount of strain on the hips of loaded side.
Hence hips strengthening is strongly encouraged, if anything, is a must.
Strong hips can distribute the load equally to your legs, and most importantly, not injure yourself during the race.

The next important part of your body during a race like this would be your shoulders.
Not only your shoulders carry the load, they also play a role in balancing when you are running.

Here are some workouts you can do to strengthen your shoulders, core, and legs.
Overhead walking lunges
Back squats

The Burden Run will be held on 26th January 2014 at Sport Science Stadium, Universiti Malaya

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