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ElliptiGO: World’s first outdoor, high performance elliptical cycle

Elliptical trainers, also known as cross-trainers have ruled indoor gyms for quite some time now. If you’re a gym junkie then you must know that elliptical training is all about staying fit. What if you can have it outdoors?

ElliptiGO | Source: ElliptiGO Facebook Page
ElliptiGO | Source: ElliptiGO Facebook Page

ElliptiGO was launched in 2010 and now have over 8,000 ElliptiGOs on the road all over the world. Combining the best of running, cycling, and the elliptical trainer, ElliptiGO is the world’s first outdoor, high-performance elliptical cycle.

The ElliptiGO is designed to mimic the cardio workout that running provides but with no impact. Similar to elliptical trainers, the ElliptiGO works for both elite athletes and fitness lovers, for training, recovery from injury or to replace high impact sports.


A brand new kind of sport is coming here soon in November with three different models:

  • ElliptiGO 3C (3 gears Shimano hub) retails at MYR 6,999/-
  • ElliptiGO 8C (8 gears Shimano hub) retails at MYR 9,299/-
  • ElliptiGO 11R (11 gears Shimano hub) retails at MYR 12,999/-

More product info on ElliptiGo’s Official Website here

Not something that might appeal to cyclists but internationally, runners and triathletes have taken to this new sport. Seems a little geeky but hey, no harm exhibiting your calf muscles on the road right?

If you’re interested, check out for more details at ElliptiGO Malaysia’s Facebook Page here.