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Nike Unveils Trailblazing Footwear: Zegama 2 and Pegasus Trail 5 Launching May 2024

Global sportswear giant Nike is set to shake up the trail running scene with the imminent release of two groundbreaking models: the Nike Zegama 2 and the Nike Pegasus Trail 5. Hitting stores in May 2024, these highly anticipated running shoes are poised to make waves in the athletic footwear market.

Designed for long-distance trail runners, the Nike Zegama 2 is the result of a two-year collaboration with elite athletes. Boasting the title of Nike’s most extensively wear-tested trail shoe, it has logged over 35,000 miles (56,000 km) globally. The shoe features a breathable mesh upper, Nike ZoomX midsole, and Vibram outsole, providing the perfect blend of cushioning, stability, and support. Notably, its slightly wider design accommodates natural foot expansion during runs.

The Nike Pegasus Trail 5 introduces a unique road-to-trail adaptable concept. In its fifth iteration, it incorporates the environmentally conscious Nike ReactX midsole, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional foam. The outsole features Nike Trail All Terrain Compound (ATC), a specialised rubber blend for durability and exceptional grip. Like its counterpart, the Pegasus Trail 5 features a breathable mesh upper, ensuring a comfortable and well-ventilated running experience.

Both the Nike Zegama 2 and Nike Pegasus Trail 5 are scheduled to hit stores in May 2024, promising runners a new era of trail running excellence.