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Kickstarter: Acton RocketSkates – World’s First Smart Wearable Mobility

The ACTON Rocketskates™ are Wearable Mobility. Remote-free, Strap-in, Smart electric skates.

Electric bikes with 20″ wheels are already outdated? The new RocketSkatess™ are electric, motorized skates – Simply strap them over your shoes and off you go!
Your feet control the skates because this new concept does not require remote controls, which is great.


Each skate has two hub motors controlled by an on-board microprocessor, and are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The skates communicate with each other so they maintain the same speed and behavior.

This project is on Kickstarter and with only barely a day to conclude the crowd funding, this project has received over $528,000, far exceeding its original goal of less than 10% than what they will be receiving – $50,000.

RocketSkates™ connect to smartphone via the ACTON App. You can monitor your skates and their performance. Route tracking, skate diagnosis, battery status, games, and social interactivity; the app keeps you in touch with other RocketSkaters.

A Software Developer Kit (SDK) will be available for developers interested in creating games and app features for RocketSkates™.

Find out more about this e-skates here and they might be taking over the world soon.