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Runners now welcome in Sufferlandria

Runners around the world are celebrating the end of Treadmill Boredom Syndrome (TBS), with today’s release of The Sufferfest’s first three running workout videos.

Having already transformed indoor training for cyclists through their unique, high-intensity and completely addictive cycling videos, The Sufferfest have now set their sights on converting runners of all levels into proud Sufferlandrians.

Like the cycling collection, the downloadable running videos follow the Sufferfest’s famous high-intensity/low-volume training philosophy and are based around structured interval workouts.

Unlike any other training videos for the treadmill, these videos are the only ones in the world to feature footage from elite racing including Diamond League Track and Field and some of the world’s best marathons – including Prague, Stockholm, Rome and Melbourne.  Clear and simple on-screen instructions guide the athlete through perceived effort, pace, incline and time intervals as they go stride for stride with the best runners in the world.

Founder and Chief Sufferlandrian David McQuillen explained that running was a natural progression for this cult brand, which has more than 117,000 followers on Facebook, sales in more than 70 countries and even a tourism website for their mythical nation of Sufferlandria.

“Boredom kills,” says McQuillen. “It kills motivation and performance. But when someone is engaged, entertained and given clear instructions of what to do, they’re able to push themselves further than they thought possible. We call it enterPAINment and it works.”

The Sufferfest’s first three running videos offer workouts ranging from 29 minutes to 47 minutes and targeting speed, strength and endurance:

  • Revolver – 29 mins – 9 x 1 minute on/1 minute off maximum intensity intervals.
  • The Machine – 34 mins – a series of 5 x 3 minute intervals with increasing gradients.
  • Steamroller – 47 mins – a ‘pyramid’ of intervals ranging from 10 seconds to 4 minutes.

All three videos are available to purchase and download now at  The videos may be purchased individually ($9.99-$10.99USD), or as a bundle for $27 (limited time only).


The Sufferfest – The Machine – Trailer from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

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About The Sufferfest

Based in Singapore, The Sufferfest Pte Ltd make the world’s best indoor cycling and running videos, combining officially licensed footage of professional bike races like the Tour de France, Diamond League Track & Field, Giro d’Italia and more with high energy, hand-picked music and structured interval workouts designed by world-class coaches.  The Sufferfest is the official sponsor of the UCI Women’s Road World Cup as well as the sponsor of Africa’s first all-black UCI Elite Mountain Bike Team, ACE-TheSufferfest-Lesotho. The Sufferfest was founded in 2009 and has customers in more than 70 countries. Sufferlandria continues to lobby the UN for recognition and fights the forces of sinister, terrible Couchlandria.