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Tough Takes Triathlon

Budding 9 year old Triathlete aces 113 Family Tri Series in Malborough College

Woke up both nervous and excited, but I wanted to race the 113 Family Tri Series which was held at the Malborough College in Johor Bahru, Johor. It was my second time racing this race after last year.

It was a special day as both my dad and I were racing today. He influenced me into Triathlon as he’s an avid Triathlete.

Upon arriving at the college, my dad and I both set up our bicycles and gears in the Transition Area. After we finish our setup, we walked over to the pool area to wait for the start of the race and I was getting very nervous. We had to wait for a very long time before the race started, my legs were getting tired.

The nice lady finally called my name, and I started walking to the swimming pool together with the other girls in my category. They asked us to sit by the pool, where the was water was very cold ! The music was very loud, so I didn’t really hear what they were saying.

Suddenly, the air horn went off ! Everyone started to swim, and I followed and there was this girl who accidentally kicked my hand.

After finishing the 100m swim, I ran to my bicycle, and put on my helmet, socks and shoes . A nice lady actually helped me to put on my helmet. When I was ready, I pushed my bike to the starting line and started to cycle.

The 2.2km loop for the cycling was very tiring as there was so many hills! I almost fell off the bicycle when I hit one small pothole, but luckily a man helped me and I managed to finish the cycling safely.

When I finished cycling, I pushed my bike to the Transition area. My father passed me my cap for the 1 km run as it was so hot ! Luckily, another lady gave me a nice cup of cold water to drink. I tried my best to run, but it was so hot ! I had to walk a little before continuing to run.

After 1km, I was very happy to reach the finish line. I ran as hard as I could and jumped for joy at the finish line.

They gave me a nice medal at the finish line. My parents were waiting for me outside the finish line. They hugged me and passed me a cup of cold 100 Plus.

I felt very happy to complete the race, and I hope to be able to race again.

More about the author

Chanel Lim is a shy 9 year girl who is encouraged by her parents to take up sports as a means to build her self confidence. She enjoys swimming, running and catching Pokemon’s in her spare time.