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Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with Daily Muscle’s Noel Chelliah and Kimbeley Yap

Daily Muscle's power couple Noel Chelliah (right) and Kimbeley Yap
Daily Muscle’s Power Couple Noel Chelliah (right) and Kimbeley Yap

Daily Muscle, a Boot Camp-like community group was founded by Noel Chelliah, six years ago in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL (TTDI). They have now expanded to three locations in TTDI and Bangsar including a shared indoor venue with District 13 in Petaling Jaya.

Noel and Kimbeley Yap, SEA Games Gold medallist in Triathlon are a well-known Power Couple in the fitness industry. We at Tough Asia(TA) took the opportunity to get a sneak peak into their new year at Daily Muscle.

TA: What sets Daily Muscle apart from the deluge of other Boot Camps?

Noel: We’re a little different and we’re non-intimidating. The typical Boot Camps are loud, there will be shouting and punishment, adopting a more military style. We just use the term Boot Camp, but people who join us will realise that we are different. We don’t punish ppl for coming late as we’re just glad that they show up.

TA: How are you keeping with the current trends?

Noel: We also have online support, a private Facebook group, to coach and help them with nutrition advise, and on certain days we do things together. We’re more current and coach on FB which is what other gyms don’t do.

Founder Noel Chelliah showing them the ropes to the morning workout
Founder Noel Chelliah showing them the ropes to the morning workout


TA: Who usually joins your workouts?

Noel: We have a variety of people who join us. There are still members who are still with us from day 1 till now. We also conduct corporate and community programs.

TA: What’s in store for Daily Muscle next year?

Noel: I see us expanding into more locations and possibly going into other states. We’re getting framework ready and make it easy for other instructors to carry out our training. We’re hoping to help the country combat obesity, coming up with a program that really helps this country take actual steps.


TA: Kim, what do you bring to the dynamics of Daily Muscle?

Kim: I just started working together with Noel after we got married last year. I don’t really help out too much, but I do give him some suggestions. Being a lady, we tend to think differently and feel differently towards Boot Camp exercises.

Boot Camp doesn’t really suit me, instead I train a separate group of mostly ladies and conduct some Personal Training as well, so that works better for me.

TA: What inspires you now since you’ve stopped cycling?

Kim: I haven’t been on the bike since, and there is no fire to go back to competitive cycling. It’s very inviting to see the kids in Triathlon for example, and now I rather not spend time on myself, but spend that time on other people. I can see people appreciate it, and nice to see them lead a better quality of life instead of being in aches and pain all the time.

TA: How are you looking forward to in 2016?

Kim: I would like to go into CrossFit, and there’s that fine line btwn doing a Triathlon and working out in a gym, so it will be the two combined together. I would start off next year with helping out at the Swim Bike Run triathlon camp, talking to the aspring triathletes and giving them pointers. Training with ladies will continue too.

I want to focus on a brighter future and I really need to focus on making it happen. – Kimbeley Yap

If you’re interested in improving yourself in 2016, Daily Muscle is conducting a 30-Day Transformation Challenge.

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Daily Muscle - Noel Chelliah