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Ziq Junaidy takes a learning curve out of 113 OD Melaka

Writer Ziq Junaidy (1st from left) raced the 113 OD Melaka recently.

What an effortful race at 113 OD Melaka held in Klebang, Melaka with the Elite Triathletes recently.

As usual, I was the last one to came out from water as I over looked the second buoy on the second loop of 1.5km swim. That mistake cost me three minutes to get back to the second buoy and let me adrift from the pack. I really need to improve on my sighting skills.

In and out of transition quickly, I had to ride solo for the 40km bike leg. However, I wasn’t the only riding alone as I saw Aina and Jason had to ride solo too. This would drain more energy from me than I had anticipated, and might affect my run.

Oh well, I exited the transition area and started my 10km run with Jason Walker. However, I only ran alongside him for the first 3km only as I couldn’t keep up with him. Finished the race with heavy legs but was so grateful that the weather was pleasant and kind.

It might not have been the result that I was seeking, but that’s alright. Training must go on. I believe that the power of learning will somehow lift me to the most mesmerizing moments ever; winning tremendous victory as desired.

All in all, never stop learning and improving. DNF is clearly not the answer and just finish what you started.

I hope to return next year with better sighting skills, a stronger bike and faster run on the course.

p/s A few of us Triathletes had bunked with Pintaku Guests house courtesy of fellow Triathlete Aimi Iwasaki, which had prepared bananas and coffee for breakfast!

Photos provided by Ziq Junaidy

More about the budding Triathlete

Ziq Junaidy is an amateur Duathlete/Triathlete, born in Kuala Lumpur. An ambassador for Trek Bike Malaysia, he  started joining Triathlons and Duathlons three years ago and looks forward to compete competitively in more races in future.