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Your Race Guide To First Edition of Borneo Trail Classic


With the first edition of the Borneo Trail Classic (BTC) getting underway in the next few hours, excitement is building up at Redeems Centre, Kampung Apar in Bau, Kuching. In a Facebook Live session held a few days ago, the Race Director mentioned that there would be water crossings, single and double tracks, and leeches. Yes, leeches!

If you have not had the chance to go through the detailed race guide, here is a quick summary for you.


Moving Around Kuching

From the airport, if you choose to do some sightseeing around Kuching, you may easily rent cars from the airport. Expect daily rental rates from RM150 for a Perodua Axia. If you come in a group and split the costs, this rental would be of good value. It would also come in handy when you go to Redeems Centre, about 30km away from the airport.



If you’re still deciding on your accommodation, do check out the partner hotels here. Do not forget to key in the promo codes.


Shuttle Bus

If you already booked shuttle bus service from your accommodation to the race site, please click here:


Programme Schedule

Saturday, 15 October 2022 

2:30am Registration Opens for 100K & 50K 

4:00am 100K Flag Off

5:00am 50K Flag Off 

8:00pm 50K Cut Off 


Sunday, 16 October 2022

4:30 am Registration for 21K, 10K & 7K Opens 

4.30 am Festival & Merchandise Opens

6:00 am 21K Flag Off 

8:00 am 10K Flag Off 

8:30 am 7K Flag Off 

9:00 am 3K Kids Flag Off 

9:15 am 1K Kids Flag Off 

9:30 am Kids Activities Starts 

10:00 am 100K Cut Off 

10:30 am Live Band Performance (1st Set) 

10:30 am Arrival of YB Dato Sri Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah 

11:30 am Prize Giving Ceremony 

12:30 pm Live Band Performance (2nd Set) 12:30 pm 7K Cut Off 

1:00 pm 10K Cut Off 

2:00 pm 21K Cut Off 

3:00 pm Bag Check Closes 

4:00 pm Festival Ends 



Race Day Registration Flow

Please show up 90 MINUTES prior to your Start Time. 

All racers must run in their designated start  time/distance. Please be in the starting corral on time.  

Saturday : Registration Opens: 2:30am // Registration Closes: 6:00am 

Sunday : Registration Opens: 4:30am // Registration Closes: 9:10am 

Please bring: Registration Barcode and Photo Identification 


Step 1: Proceed to the Registration Tent area and  locate a Borneo Trail Classic Volunteer or Staff  Member. 

Step 2: Present your photo identification and  registration barcode to the Volunteer. Receive your  packet. 

Your packet will include: 

  • Spartan Headband with Bib Number 
  • Wristband with Start Time 
  • Timing Chip and Wristband

Step 3: Once you have your race packet and timing chip, proceed to the Festival Area. 

Step 4: Visit the Festival Area where you will find  sponsors/vendors sampling and selling products, as  well as our official merchandise tent. 

Step 5: Check your bag at On-Site Bag Check. Please  note: 

  • Bags will only be returned to the individuals   whose name and number match up. 
  • Bag Check opens with registration and closes when the festival closes. 



Results and photos will be posted here:


For full race information, please download the guide: BTC 2022 Race Day Program .pdf