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World’s largest Multi-Sport Festival Arnold Classic Asia 2016 hits Hong Kong

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The World’s Largest Multi-Sport Festival is Coming to Asia:

Arnold Classic Asia 2016 Will Be Hosted in Hong Kong this Summer

  • Date: 20th-21st August
  • Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm
  • Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong, China

An initiative of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is a celebration of sports, fitness and health that brings professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts together in an atmosphere of competition, learning and sharing.

It’s a festival for the whole family to participate in. Tickets are now on sale at www.arnoldclassicasia.com from HKD150 per adult, HKD80 for under 18 years and full-time students, and free entry for children under 12 years.

Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival

Come and witness global and local sports stars come together over one weekend. The debut festival will feature unique, non-stop sports competitions and interactive workshops from over 20 sports.

From mind sports such as chess and Rubik’s Cube, to table tennis, skip rope, rugby, arm-wrestling, weight lifting, cycling, yoga, rowing, martial arts such as tai chi, judo, krav maga, kung fu and more.

Established in the US 40 years ago, the festival has an international following on 6 continents including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and now Asia.  Over 500,000 people around the world have attended an Arnold Classic in the last year, with over 30,000 athletes competing in 55 sports and events.

Weightlifting was part of the Sports Demonstration during the Press Conference.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said: 

“Fitness teaches you things you could never learn in a classroom or boardroom. Fitness is a way of life. While internationally known as a business hub in the centre of Asia, Hong Kong has diversity even in sport, making it the ideal city to unite the Asian sports community at one event. I cannot wait to get to Hong Kong for the first Arnold Classic Asia.”

“It will be unbelievable. We will have many sports there and some of the most powerful and muscular men and women. Join my fitness crusade. I’ll see you in Hong Kong in August for the first annual Arnold Classic Asia!”

Community unites in sport 

The Hong Kong community has shown strong support for the festival, with sports communities throughout the city coming together for the first time. The Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival advisory committee, made up of the leading sports administers and coordinators in the city, under the guidance of Herman Hu Shao Ming 胡曉明, BBS, JP, Vice-President of The Sports Federation and Chairman of the Olympic Committee of Hong Kong SAR.

“It is exciting to see so many Hong Kong sports come together at one festival. It is important to understand the importance of sport in every child’s life as it contributes to a successful future by teaching skills such as team work, having a goal, sharing, focus and reflection to always striving to better yourself” said Mr. Hu.

Arnold Classic Asia encourages families, and especially children to try out sports in a fun and safe environment, hopefully allowing them to benefit from sport in all aspects of their everyday lives.

The Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival is proud to have Alisports as a supporting partner. Alisports is organising an exciting Sports Festival in Beijing on July 18 that the team is delighted to support, Alisports “Mid Summer Olympic Night”, a grand send-off to the Chinese Olympic delegation.

Jump Rope will be part of the multisports festival.
Jump Rope will be part of the multisports festival.

Arnold Classic IFBB Pro Show (Saturday 20 August, 6pm)

Additional to the festival, families and fitness enthusiasts can enjoy the debut Arnold Classic IFBB Pro Show. Watch the world’s strongest men demonstrate their formidable powers (and muscles) and see awe-inspiring Women’s Fitness showcases which combines gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and plyometrics with elegance and grace.

The International Arnold Classic Pro Shows have a reputation for showcasing the best of the best IFBB champions, including current Arnold Classic bodybuilding champion, Kai Greene. Some of the all-time greats who have won Arnold Classic titles include Mr. Olympia champions Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson.

Arnold Classic Asia will also see the world’s strongest men battle it out for the Arnold Asia Strongman Classic. Don’t miss the athletes attempting feats of great strength and world record attempts. Tickets are now on sale atwww.arnoldclassicasia.com from HKD 389.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Seminar (Sunday 21 August, 11am)

Hear from the greatest bodybuilder and 7 x Mr Olympia; Hollywood superstar; leading environmental advocate and businessman, and former Governor of California Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Don’t miss this inspirational talk from the man himself. Limited seats available. Tickets are now on sale atwww.arnoldclassicasia.com from HKD 350.