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Will CrossFitters have better sex this Valentine’s Day?

Image from Reebok.com
Image from Reebok.com

Singles usually dread Valentine’s Day and dinner, and having to deal with the awkward question on how to fill their time instead. CrossFit, however might bring a few surprises that will make or break your Valentine’s Day this year.

“Working out increases self-confidence,” says Dr. Kara Mohr, PhD, a fitness and nutrition expert. “People who workout have a better sense of who they are and feel better about themselves, and that comes across in their relationships. It infuses the relationship with energy.”

Specifically it’s CrossFit movements that might really take your relationship and sex life to the next level this Valentine’s Day.

“Women, particularly those who are doing weightlifting, will see an increase in testosterone, which drives female libido,” Mohr explains.

How to do an Air Squat. Image from Reebok.com
How to do an Air Squat. Image from Reebok.com

He added that CrossFit women are also strengthening their pelvic floor during WODs, which leads to greater satisfaction.

Men are also benefitting from the intensity of CrossFit WODs, she says.

“If men are doing cardiovascular work, it increases their ability to maintain an erection. Anything that affects the heart, will affect any other muscle in your body,” Mohr explains.

A 2014 study by Match.com found that people who do CrossFit even have sex more frequently than people who follow other workout regimens. According to the data, 45 percent of singles who did CrossFit had sex at least once a month, which was more than other fitness activities, including yoga, running and Zumba.

Not all the benefits of CrossFit are limited to the bedroom, however.

The brain also experiences increases in serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, and releases endorphins that can produce a “high” feeling during workouts.

Image from Reebok
Image from Reebok

Perhaps the most unexpected result of a good WOD is what Mohr calls “that totally badass feeling” people get when they try something outside of their comfort zone for the first time or achieve a PR.

“Those kinds of workouts improve your ability to be more daring, adventurous and live more fully.”

Source: Reebok