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Watsons Malaysia Breaks Records and Raises Breast Cancer Awareness with Inaugural PINK Family Run

Watsons Malaysia, the leading online and offline health and beauty retailer, marked a significant milestone in its commitment to supporting breast cancer awareness by organising its first-ever PINK Family Run. The event, held in conjunction with Watsons Malaysia’s ‘Pink Promise’ campaign throughout October, was aimed at raising awareness for the Breast Cancer movement and supporting The Breast Cancer Welfare Association (Malaysia).

The Watsons PINK Run 2023 witnessed an overwhelming participation of over 3,000 individuals from all age groups, making it a resounding success. The run, held in a vibrant festival setting, not only encouraged an active and healthy lifestyle but also emphasised the importance of breast health and early detection as the best form of prevention.

“As the leading online and offline (O+O) health and beauty retailer in Malaysia, Watsons encourages a healthy lifestyle for our customers and members through the Get Active program. In addition to that, we aim to emphasize the importance of breast health and the significance of early detection as the best form of prevention,” said Caryn Loh, Managing Director, Watsons Malaysia & Regional Exclusives Director of Watsons International.

During the PINK Run 2023, participants had the opportunity to benefit from free health checks conducted by Watsons Pharmacist team and breast examinations offered by the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA). The event also served as the highlight of Watsons’ Pinky Promise campaign, where the company promoted breast cancer awareness through various platforms for the entire month of October. This marks the sixth year of collaboration between Watsons and BCWA, showcasing their unwavering dedication to the cause.

One of the notable achievements of the event was the establishment of a new record in the Malaysia Book of Records. All participants joined forces to create the largest pink ribbon formation, surpassing the previous record. This accomplishment highlighted the unity and collective effort of the participants in supporting the breast cancer awareness movement.

Caryn added, “It is our responsibility to help our community grow into a more nurturing and caring society. We hope that with this program, our customers and members will benefit the most, as it serves as a reminder that staying healthy and fit is the path to a better future.”

Additionally, Watsons Malaysia demonstrated its dedication by presenting a generous donation to BCWA. The donation will support BCWA’s continuous efforts in raising breast cancer awareness and providing crucial support among Malaysians.

Watsons Malaysia continues to lead the way in promoting a healthier lifestyle and raising awareness about breast cancer, encouraging individuals to prioritise their well-being and contribute to a brighter future for all.