Just when you think you're tough enough


Want to keep that new year’s keep fit resolution? Try CrossFit


According to new data from data intelligence firm Cardlytics, 46 percent of new gym customers drop off by the end of January, and nearly 80 percent of them give up entirely by the fourth quarter.

Among specialty workout choices, new yoga clients have the highest drop-off rate, with a full 70 percent leaving after the first month.

Yet CrossFit members are about twice as likely to stick it out until February or the end of the year, Cardlytics figures show.

“It’s the culture and the sense of community. CrossFit gyms hold you accountable and will check in on you if you don’t show up. It’s not a huge membership, so we notice if somebody is not coming in,” said Ian Albert, manager of CrossFit Concrete Jungle in New York City.

“CrossFit members have more motivation to show up because of the community, the cheering and high-fiving, and camaraderie,” he added. “It’s more fun to workout with other people that know you.”


Source: CNBC