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Wait! Strava Had a Map Upgrade?

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Strava, the world’s largest sports participation platform recently announced a major enhancement: a new global static map for all activities built in collaboration with Mapbox.

Created by engineers and designers from Strava and Mapbox, Strava’s new map completely customised and tailored to highlight the details that runners and cyclists care about.

Most maps are optimised for cars, but Strava’s new map purposefully de-emphasises car-oriented features like highway numbers in favour of trail names, elevation contours and other visual enhancements including improved drawing of GPS tracks using smoothing algorithms.

“We are thrilled to share this significant upgrade with our members, with more terrain detail and improved accuracy and aesthetics of how GPS tracks appear,” said Hames Quarles, Strava CEO. “Mapbox is a mapping leader, and we’re excited about the athlete-optimised map that our two teams created for the global Strava community.”

“I run with Strava wherever I am in the world and the new Strava experience is next level. The maps are gorgeous, and it’s been pushing me to share these stunning routes even more because they look that good . So pumped to discover new runs as Strava’s community shares their trails and I find new places to push myself even further,” says Eric Gundersen, CEO of Mapbox.

So, did you realise the change and update by Strava?