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VRace Malaysia Mission : Running 10km and finding Hidden Gems Completed!

Writer Jyn found a suspension bridge in Bukit Kiara Federal Park while running the VRace Malaysia.

When VRace Malaysia said that you get to discover the hidden gems within the city of Kuala Lumpur, it’s definitely true!

With 6km remaining in my VRace Malaysia tally, I went to another checkpoint at Bukit Kiara Federal Park. While waiting for a friend to arrive to start our run, I was walking around the lake area and decided to venture off the main path this time.

Lo and behold, did you know there is a suspension bridge in Bukit Kiara? Voila, I found it!

I’ve been to this park numerous times in the past, but it was to go mountain biking or trail running. Therefore, I had never been running at this side of the park. Pretty amused with myself, it gave me a happy cheery boost to start my run.

For a person coming back to fitness, the 10km in VRace Malaysia sounded daunting but a good target to achieve.

I broke it down to smaller pieces in my mind, and maintained a ‘3 minute run – 2 minute walk’ pace to get through the KMs.

It definitely worked to keep me motivated and focused on keeping one foot in front of the other. Furthermore, the main route around the lake is predominantly flat. If you’re up for a challenge, venture off any of the paths, and it will take you a little incline, enough to knock the wind out of you.

There were lots of families out with their children. Some playing badminton in the grassy areas, some elderly people groups were doing Tai Chi, and some children were even playing in the river and looked like they were having a ball!

And by the end of March, would you know it, I completed my first 10km run of 2019!

I definitely feel better overall, more alert and confident of myself. This shall be the start of a journey to lose weight and regain my stamina, postpartum.

When opportunity struck, I siezed it to register for my first 10km race in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon! The year-end race shall be a good race to gauge my progress and give me time to get back up to speed too. In addition, I shall be running to raise funds for the Dignity for Children foundation which will give me added motivation. 2019, you are going to be great!

If you haven’t completed your VRace Malaysia, you have a few more days to do so. Go forth, and make it count!

Best way to run the VRace Malaysia – with a friend!

How to VRace Malaysia

  1. Choose a checkpoint e.g. Perdana Botanical Gardens, Waterfront Desa ParkCity as stated in
  2. Bring a GPS running watch, Strava on your phone or Fitbit to track your run.
  3. Run any route around the checkpoint and record your run.
  4. Take some photos and selfies.
  5. Upload your run result to after accumulating 10km between two (or more) checkpoints.
  6. Optional, but highly recommended, bring a friend for company 🙂

For more info on VRace Malaysia, visit the website here.


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