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VRace Malaysia – Best way to start your 2019 running with friends and family

The start of 2019 brings a new inspiration to get up and improve ourselves, so let’s start with a new virtual race called VRace Malaysia. What’s interesting about this virtual race is that you get to discover the hidden gems disguised as (physical) geolocations within the city of Kuala Lumpur (KL).

How to VRace Malaysia

  1. Choose a checkpoint e.g. Perdana Botanical Gardens, Waterfront Desa ParkCity as stated in VRaceMalaysia.com.
  2. Bring a GPS running watch, Strava on your phone or Fitbit to track your run.
  3. Run any route around the checkpoint and record your run.
  4. Take some photos and selfies.
  5. Upload your run result to VRaceMalaysia.com.
  6. Optional, but highly recommended, bring a friend for company ūüôā

The sunny bright morning of 2019 beckons at the Perdana Botanical Gardens, previously known as Lake Gardens in KL. I haven’t been to this part of the gardens and never knew it was so beautiful! Ah, now I understand why VRace says that you’ll be uncovering hidden gems in KL.

Start your morning early and parking will be easy to fine around the playground area, as you use Waze to the gardens. We followed the crowd and found a running loop around the lake, where the checkpoint – Bamboo Playhouse was located.

Easy enough, we ran two loops to kick off our VRace on this very flat route, suitable for everyone – beginners, even the unfit ones like me could manage a run/walk pace.

Coming back to fitness after having my first child, I brought my newborn in a stroller and started on a run/walk pace. My best strategy was to run in the sun, and brisk walk in the shade. Brilliant! I must say, she was really enjoying the run in the stroller that she fell asleep towards the end.

Each loop around the lake was 2km, perfect for my first 2 loops this 2019 ala VRaceMalaysia.

The morning air was beginning to get warmer as the sun peaked through the foliage for some beautiful sunbeam photos. The atmosphere was really cheerful with many families making merry of the weekend.

Families brought the kids out for some family bonding time – some walking, having a picnic or even playing badminton under that shade-like structure you often see in photos of the gardens. We also spotted a running clinic held for kids by the lake, how fun!

Alas, with that first 4km clocked for 2019, a rewarding breakfast beckons. I hear Kenny Hills Bakers is really close by. Running VRaceMalaysia in this manner is really gonna be fun as you get to run for your breakfast akin to singing for your supper. ‘Lari lari cari makan’, as we Malaysians say.

We were also testing out the Vivo V11 phone courtesy of Vivo Malaysia, and we love how intuitive the camera is. Just point and shoot, and V11 will make sure your pictures remain clear and bright with it’s all new AI (Artificial Intelligence) camera. The selfie mode is best out there too!

The V11 phone is light weight considering the features it’s carrying packs a high tech punch, perfect for runners and athletes out there at mid-range price.

To upload my results to VRaceMalaysia.com, I’ll have to accumulate 10km between two (or more) checkpoints. Let’s plan for the next checkpoint!

For more info on VRace Malaysia, visit the website here.

For more info on the V11, visit Vivo Malaysia’s website here.


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