Just when you think you're tough enough


Viper Challenge 2014!

Viper Challenge 2014 was announced on 7th April 2014, with pre-sale price of RM79 per entry.
What happened next was nothing short of spectacular.
The tickets for that two-day event were sold out in just seven days without any major advertisements.


VC soldoutOne of the saddest sign to Viper Challenge fans. Congrats to Viper Challenge!

Yes. Approximately 6,000 adrenaline junkies paid to get themselves tortured on a 20km track and mud race filled with 20 man-made obstacles spread across the route.
Last year, it was reported that there were close to 6,000 participants for the two-days event.

This could only means one thing – Malaysians are getting more fitness conscious. Or just getting a little more sadistic.

Of course, as always, ToughAsia will be there to have some fun.
All we need now, is the right physical condition.

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As of writing, we are six months away from the event. Lots of training can be done.
Running (on various terrain), body weight efficiency and a little bit of climbing will be the main focus.

The hardest part of the challenge is climbing walls, especially after some amount of running. So the best thing to do is to condition it.
Every 400m or 800m run, do 5 or 10 pullups. Do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.
Scaled down of pullups would be lateral row, ring row, dumbbell rows, military pushups.

Beginners may start from 20 mins, as many rounds of 400m run, 10 dumbbell rows, 5 pushups.
If this is easy for you, add more rows and pushups after every 400m run.
Record your trainings, compare it next time when attempting the exercise again. You will only need to do this conditioning once a week. The rest of the week should be your usual training.