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Viper Challenge 2014 – 20 reasons why you should do obstacle challenges

Forget Fear, Worry About Addiction. Viper Challenge is an obstacle-based challenge, the 1st of its kind in South-East Asia!

In this second edition of the Viper Challenge, 20,000 participants were put to the test in 20 man-made obstacles over the 20km Viper Arena at the Sepang International Circuit in Sepang, Selangor over two days on the weekend from Nov 1st-2nd. It is Asia’s first and largest obstacle challenge, that put both hearts and spirits to the test.

The obstacle crew who worked tirelessly rain, hail or shine during the months leading up to Viper Challenge are absolute stars! I think you will all agree that the obstacles brought to you were of quality and extremely high standards. We all put in our best effort and never gave up with our participants being our inspiration along the way! – Selva Kumar, Founder of Viper Challenge

Both teams and individual participants went through the same course though massive teamwork was required to overcome most of the obstacles such as the row of wooden walls aka ‘Wall Street’ and climbing out of deeply dug trenches.

At times, participants had to jump into ice water filled trenches, at other times, they were required to jump over fire into a mud pool. Great upper body strength and core muscles were also key in swinging over monkey bar-like rings and jumping to reach a net and crawl up immediately before you find yourself in yet another mud pool.

Viper Challenge is not just about testing physical abilities. Participants needed a lot of mental preparation and endurance to complete the challenges. One participant was spotted with a prosthetic leg, a true testament that Viper Challenge brings out your inner strength when it matters most.

Photo Credit: Terence Chuah
Here’s a sneak preview from  a video by Terence Chuah

According to Selva Kumar, founder of Viper Challenge, “There were set backs and false starts in our inaugural 2013 event but in spite of that, the team at Viper Challenge are even more committed to deliver excellence this year. We thank you all and look forward to another awesome Viper Challenge in March 2015, a brand new course route and several new obstacles are in store for you all in March 2015.”

If you think you’re TOUGH enough for the next Viper Challenge, sign up for the next edition on 14th and 15th March 2015.

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Video credit: Terence Chuah