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[Video] Katie Zaferes: “I am strong”

International Women’s Day – The Pursuit of Equality

“I’m so proud of the fact that Triathlon has a history of being equal in its approach to
gender. There are so many sports that don’t, and I am proud to be part of a sport that has
put equality at its core since the beginning.” Katie Zaferes

In a world where women’s sport is often treated as second-rate, Super League Triathlon (SLT) has broken that mould with a gripping season of multi-sport entertainment! SLT has the world’s best female athletes as on and off course ambassadors for our sport. These incredible Triathletes’ race over the same distances, with the same coverage, and for the same prize money as the men’s field.

This International Women’s Day, we want to recognise the position of our current champion Katie Zaferes, and how her achievements inspire us all to reach for our dreams. Katie is a fierce competitor who has shown incredible consistency throughout the SLT 2018/19 Season. Her performances have not only garnered stardom but made her a role model worldwide.

SLT Series Female Champion Katie Zaferes (USA) with Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA) and Rachel Klamer (NED) (SLT)

“The main thing I want other women/girls to believe is that there is no limit to what they can do.”

She believes that is it important for sporting stars to not be untouchable examples of perfection but be able to show that there are hard times and moments of doubt, which can be overcome.

“I take the position I am in very seriously. I want to show others not only what they can achieve, but also I want to be real and for them to see that there are bad days, but that you can overcome them.”

Female’s Enduro photo finish with Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA) and Katie Zaferes (USA). (SLT)

In Katie, our sport has found the quintessential champion, someone who understands the importance of balance, both when it comes to racing, and also when it comes to her off course impact.

“I want to be remembered for being someone who is a fierce and strong competitor on course, and always a genuine and good person that others can learn from and relate to.”

Katie has found the perfect way to approach her training, racing, and winning.

“Really this journey would not be very much fun if I didn’t get to share it with the community of people around me.”

Katie Zaferes is an example to us all and a real role model for the rest of the sporting world to follow. With much more work to do to achieve equality across all sports, let’s push forward together and promote #BalanceforBetter in every aspect of our lives as we progress in 2019.