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Unstoppable Runners Conquer Trail Titans Kiara Hill 2024

Angga Sangputra bin Mhd Safe’i

Amidst the scenic landscape of Kiara Hill, the Trail Titans Kiara Hill 2024 race reached its exhilarating conclusion, as over 200 dedicated runners conquered the challenging trails across three categories: 16km, 10km, and 5km. Against the backdrop of breathtaking vistas and daunting obstacles, participants forged ahead with unwavering determination, showcasing the true spirit of resilience and camaraderie.

Among the remarkable athletes were Angga Sangputra bin Mhd Safe’i and Chai Yee Ling.

Angga, the valiant Captain of Runner Tanpa Sempadan, ventured into the 16km Men Open Category, securing an admirable 12th place with a total time of 03:43:20. Reflecting on his journey, Angga shared insights into the thrilling yet demanding aspects of the race. “The repeated ascent of the Dragon Back trail posed a formidable challenge,” Angga revealed with a grin of triumph. “To conquer it, I maintained a steady pace, neither rushing nor lagging in the climb, while carefully navigating the descent.”

His strategic approach and unwavering resolve enabled him to overcome the arduous terrain, culminating in a rewarding finish without encountering any unforeseen obstacles along the trail.

Chai Yee Ling, Trail Titan Kiara Hill 2024’s Women Open Second Runner-up

In the Women Open Category, the resilient Chai Yee Ling, renowned for her prowess as an ultra marathoner and trail runner, emerged as the second runner-up, completing the race in a commendable time of 03:18:26.

Recounting her journey through the rugged terrain, Chai highlighted the challenges encountered in the first half of the race, particularly during a relentless uphill section. “The initial stretch, from the start until midway through the race, presented a formidable uphill climb,” she shared with a determined gleam in her eyes. “Faced with the daunting ascent, I adopted a mindful approach, slowing my pace to conserve energy and conquer each incline with unwavering determination.”

Chai’s perseverance and unwavering resolve propelled her towards the finish line, where she achieved a notable performance, reflecting her dedication and skill in trail running.

“Crossing the finish line was a moment of sheer elation,” she recounted with a radiant smile. “It’s not about the placement but the journey itself, which was filled with challenges overcome and personal victories achieved.”

Both Angga and Chai encountered unexpected challenges during their epic trail adventure, yet their unwavering determination and positive mindset propelled them towards victory.

As the curtains draw on the Trail Titans Kiara Hill 2024, their inspiring tales serve as a beacon of hope and encouragement, inspiring fellow runners to embrace challenges with courage and tenacity, and to savor every moment of their victorious journey through the untamed wilderness.