Writer Heng Chye at the Kerian Incredible Duathlon in Perak.

One always needs motivation to keep training to stay on top of your game. The Kerian Incredible Duathlon race in Perak gave me good reason to train and keep the momentum going, pushing myself to improve further.

So, I enrolled in a 12 weeks supposedly Half Distance IRONMAN Triathlon plan and made some tweak for the running part while skipping the swimming part. I tried as much as possible to stick to the plan, sometimes skipping only to go for long rides with the my buddies nicknamed, Eagles and other friends.

The scariest and most annoying thing during training is when you get injured and have to rest. I almost had to stop my training due to a basketball game accident with my son!

I was suppose to go through the most intense training the following week. But I stayed calm and rested for about a week before picking up my training again with 6 weeks left.

With the discipline and determination and most importantly the support of my wife and son, I completed my 90% of my training plan! Come race day, looking at the participants ( all elites and pros), I told myself, just run your own race!

For the first 10km run in the idyllic town of Bagan Serai, I maintained my pace a little bit below threshold. Reminded myself of the danger of adrenaline rush that might cause me to outrun myself, then suffering later. Yes, I stayed calm and did it this time!

On the 60km bike route, initially I had to chase a lot, because there wasn’t any group that I could follow. But at about 30km, one big group came from the back and we were able to work together for the rest of the distance.

An eagle buddy advised that the bike leg should be about 80% effort, a pointer which really helped!

The second 10km run was a scorcher! Having conserved my energy in the bike route, I still had plenty left in the legs amid the rising heat from the tarmac.

Keeping calm until the last few kilometers, I was able to unleash my all to cross the finish line in my personal best, PB of 3:13:34 for the 10-60-10 race!

I didn’t realise I had made it among the top 10 in my age category until I went to print out the time slip an hour later. This is a very encouraging and good result for myself! I’m really happy that my consistent training paid off!

Nevertheless, my efforts are always driven by family and friends who encourage me in every race. Especially some buddies who always (jokingly) tells me “podium or don’t come back”. I know I’m on the podium of your heart!

More about the author

Gan Heng Chye always tries to outdo himself and enjoys success beating his own PRs. He also aspires to be even stronger as a runner and cyclist as his age increases.