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Learn a new move: Deadlift!


Deadlift, one of the most important exercises for the lower body; and Grip, also embraced by power lifters and some of the strongest men in the world. It is no doubt why it has always been one of the most important exercises in crossfit arsenal, not to mention practicality.

Deadlift, means lifting from dead weight (lying on the ground), without using momentum.
The range of motion starts mainly from the mid shin and ends mid thigh with torso leaning slightly backwards.
It is also a crucial part of Clean & Jerks and snatches. It is also an exercise to improve other form of weight lifting, such are back squats and front squats.

For beginners, it is recommended to concentrate on deadlift alone to practice the form. Only incorporate into metcon when you are comfortable to deadlift more than your body weight.

Muscle group involved in deadlift – thighs, glutes, lower back, grips

Anatomy of a basic deadlift

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Recommended accessories: Weight lifting belts, weight lifting straps. During strength trainings (which usually just 3-6 reps per set, less than 5 sets), where you are lifting high weights, low reps, it is recommended to have weight lifting belts to support your lumbar curve. Straps can prevent weaken grips when doing high reps or high weight.

Like every other exercises, deadlift is scalable, and has other variants that allow strengthening the weaker area. If you are hitting your deadlift limit, these are some if the exercises you can explore to improve your personal records.

Deadlift variants:

Rack (to practice second half of the pull), pause (pause below knees)
Clean/wide grip deadlift

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Deadlift high pulls

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Mix grips and overhand grips.

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