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Under Armour debuts RUSH with Celliant Technology

Under Armour has unveiled its all-new scientifically tested and athlete-proven line UA RUSH which partners with Celliant – a mineral-infused fabric, that is designed with infrared technology.  This technology pushes energy back into the body and improves oxygen flow and circulation, recycling the body’s energy.

Held at Celebrity Fitness Mid Valley recently, the launch was hosted by Under Armour ambassador, radio host and trainer, Linora Low, and was attended by guests including Under Armour ambassador, triathlete and instructor, Chrissy Kha Khrang, friends of Under Armour, actor, Faiz Ariffin and Malaysian artiste and CrossFit trainer, Daniel Fong.

Under Armour ambassador, radio host and trainer, Linora Low, places her hands on the Red Hexagon which demonstrates how body emits heat and energy at Zone 1

To kick off the launch, guests were introduced to the technology and the benefits of UA RUSH training line with a tour around the UA RUSH Lab. The lab was specially built to illustrate the technology and benefits of the UA RUSH, which comes with three different zones including:

Zone 1 – Introduction to UA RUSH Technology, Celliant.

Guests could explore how the Celliant fabric helps body emits heat during workout and how it reflects the energy back to the fabric which helps increase strength and endurance. This was illustrated with a Red Hexagon where guests are required to place their hands on the hexagon box and upon touching it, the box lights up.

Infographic displays to introduce the benefits of UA RUSH for athletes at Zone 2

Zone 2 – The benefits of UA RUSH for Athletes

Guests were introduced to the benefits of UA RUSH for athletes which included an infographic of information along with a video playback of how UA RUSH benefits athletes in different ways.

Zone 3 – Demonstration of UA RUSH for Athletes and Post-Recovery

To demonstrate how UA RUSH can benefit athletes, a station with kettle bell curls was set up for guests to test out the performance that resulted from the UA RUSH training line. Guests were encouraged to lift the kettle bell curls and challenge themselves to see how many repetitions they can do within 60 seconds. The kettle bell curls will be part of Under Armours’ annual challenge – Test of Will 2019.

In this zone, guests were also introduced to the benefits of post-training and recovery with UA RECOVERY. Made with the same Celliant technology, as UA RUSH, UA RECOVERY helps athletes to reduce fatigue and expedites recovery to enable the body to perform maintenance for quicker overall recovery.

Under Armour ambassador and celebrity, Yasmin Hani, performs kettle bell curls to test out the performance of UA RUSH, while Linora Low looks on at Zone 3

“Most professional athletes and trainers are constantly looking for ways to improve their physical performance and the UA RUSH is our answer to them.”

With research and ground-breaking technology, the UA RUSH is a game-changer that was designed to give athletes that 1% push to increase their strength and endurance and help them reach their performance goals,” quotes Yvonne Tey, UA Sports Marketing Director for Malaysia and Singapore.

There was also a special sharing session by UA Ambassadors, MMA Fighter, Karate Champion, Actor and Trainer, Theebaan Govindasamy and Celebrity Coach and Trainer, Nana al-Haleq. Both Theebaan and Nana shared their training experiences with UA RUSH with the guests.

UA Ambassador, MMA Fighter and Karate Champion, Theebaan Govindasamy, shares his experience on UA RUSH

According to Theebaan Govindasamy, “I have to always look for ways to balance my training and acting schedules, and every day, I have to ensure that I have a consistent workout regime that I adhere to. “

“For me, my 1% includes putting in that extra lift from what I normally do and I’m a testament that when wearing the UA RUSH, I am given the 1% push, to achieve my goals.” continued Theebaan.

On the other hand, Nana al-Haleq shared, “Choosing the right gear is essential for a trainer because it helps increase the quality of one’s workout and performance and a good training wear has to be comfortably fit and is sweat-wicking which the UA Rush possesses. I feel that I can increase my 1% strength when I’m in my UA RUSH.”

The Under Armour RUSH collection is priced, ranging from RM 199 – RM 449 and Under Armour Recovery is priced ranging RM 229 – RM 329. Both collections will be available at all Under Armour brand house and online.