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Ultra runner takes on Spartan Sprint Race Malaysia

This would be my shortest distance event of the year, but it is not an easy one as this is a world best obstacle race, Spartan Race. Aroo!

It all started with a nice cloudy morning when I met Zee my buddy of the day who is an Ironman triathlete in his own right. We took the free shuttle bus service to the race site at Sireh Park in Iskandar Puteri, Johor and collected my Spartan headband and timing chip.

As I had more than an hour before my wave time, I tried out some obstacles meant for the spectators, and had a good time practising and taking pics!

Finally, the race started and the trail was mostly brutal hills with minimal flat road which could make your heart race increase tremendously!

In certain areas, you actually need to sit down and slide your way down the steep slope to avoid falling down!

Passing and failing a few obstacles was all part of racing, especially the obstacles which required me to have upper body strength, which I don’t train for as I am a pure runner. Failing the obstacles was not a big deal, but doing the 30 burpees of penalty on every failed obstacles is killing, especially the Spearman, 7 Foot Tall Wall, Hercules Hoist, Rope Climb and The Ringer. I end up completing 15 obstacles out of 20 obstacles at 1:40:35 in the Sprint course together with Zee.

Overall review of the race, I feel this is a well organized event with some room for improvement. The race location would better if it is out of the housing estate, have well stocked of finisher tee in all sizes and providing extra hydration after the race will be appreciated.

More about the author

Kenny Tang is a runner who likes to challenge himself to the limit. He has conquered his  longest run ever in the 84km In Penang Ultra 2017, besides racing in sprint & relay triathlon, mountain biking, Viper Challenge and many running events. He looks forward to longer ultra run distances, half Ironman triathlons and of course Spartan Beast in 2018!