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TRU Virtu – Aluminum Wallet & Card Case

Introducing the revolutionary wallet design – Water resistant, Pocket sized, lightweight, protect cards from demagnetization, and above all, prevent illegal RFID-Scanning.

TRU Virtu Oyster Series

The Aluminum Wallet is the modern alternative to the leather portemonnaie. This very clever product allows men and women to carry the essentials in a pocket sized case: banknotes, cards, cash…well protected in an aluminium shell that combines resistance and lightness.

Now available in ten colors:


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Each retails at MYR180/-

TRU Virtu Razor Series

The new Card Case protects cards from demagnetization, illegal RFID-Scanning and outside influences, like splash water and mechanical load.

All kind of cards like cash cards, credit cards, membership cards, ID cards and driver’s licenses in card size format fit into the Card Case.

With a size of only 20 mm, currently it is one of the slimmest card cases for a safe storage of up to 12 cards (with embossment) or up to 14 cards (without embossment).

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Each retails at MYR160/-

If you are a mountain biker needing a card case to save you from wallet cleaning, this might be what you need for a better cycling experience.

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