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Triathlon drowning ruled an accident

Paul Gallihawk drowned in a triathlon. (BBC)
Paul Gallihawk drowned in a triathlon. (BBC)

The family of a man who drowned while competing in his first triathlon say they still have unanswered questions after the inquest into his death.

Paul Gallihawk, who was 34, died on 29 August during an event organised by Ocean Lake Triathlon, in Kent, United Kingdom. Gallihawk’s family, who were watching the event, raised the alarm after he failed to collect his bike for the cycling stage of the triathlon.

His father Malcolm said: “He was a special man. He left us far too early and we are grieving still. We are no further forward after today than when we went in there. It’s dreadful.”

Gallihawk was raising money for King’s College Hospital in London, which had looked after his father by taking part in the triathlon.

Coroners said cause of drowning could not be determined. It was possible he fainted in the water or could have been accidentally hit by another swimmer.

Source: BBC