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Triathlete Serena Yang made huge sacrifice with Asian Games

Life indeed holds many twists and turns for us, and more so for Commonwealth Games Triathlete Serena Yang. Just when the Sarawakian-born and husband Aldrian Yeo were selected to represent Malaysia in Triathlon the Indonesian Asian Games in 2018, life threw them a big surprise.

Both Serena and Aldrian are full-time triathletes with Team TIME, with Aldrian also coaching his own club GoGetter Triathlon Squad catering to all-levels of triathletes.

Team ToughAsia (TA) caught up with Commonwealth Games triathlete Serena Yang on the huge sacrifice she made in her Triathlon career.

Malaysia’s Triathlon Power Couple – Serena Yang and Aldrian Yeo. (Instagram/SerenaYang)

Serena: Aldrian and I were both called up to the National Team at the same time for the first time, and it was for the Asian Games which only happens once in 4 years!

We found out I was pregnant, a week after the squad selection and it was a bunch of mixed feelings. I consulted a doctor on whether I could race and train hard. Personally, I think I would have been good to race at three months pregnant but others were concerned about the cycling leg which seems a bit risky at high intensity.

Aldrian continued to represent Malaysia, and I really wanted to go too. Coincidentally, we were trying (to conceive) and didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

TA: How does your new body feel?
Serena: It’s really good, especially the first few months. Before I found out I was pregnant, I ate more than my usual as though I trained very hard and I was surprised at how I would get hungry after just two hours. I just put it off to fatigue and continued eating. Until one point, I felt nauseous and decided to check.

TA: Do you miss racing?
Serena: Training – not really (laughs). When Aldrian was training for IRONMAN Langkawi, I was glad I could sleep-in instead! But when I see others racing, yeah, it does make me feel like racing with them.

TA: Do you still swim bike run?
Serena: Right now, I’ve turned coach to Aldrian instead (evil laugh) and have been monitoring his times. I’ve been doing some swimming, but had cut back on running as I was nursing a knee injury. I’m really heavy now (due in February) which would hurt my knee more.


TA: Food cravings versus Adrenaline cravings which one do you get?
Serena: Food, generally. I really want to eat all the time! We’d be driving down a street and I’d feel like eating at all the shops at the same time.

TA: What’s the one piece of advice you would give other expecting Triathletes?
Serena: I think everyone is different and you should listen to your body and see how you feel.

During the first trimester, I felt very good and wanted to train but I was affected by how other people kept telling me how I shouldn’t. Not everyone are as active as us Triathletes, so they are not accustomed to seeing us keep active in our pregnancy. You just have to ignore them.

Stay tuned as Serena and Aldrian announce the arrival of their little bundle of joy really soon! We can’t wait to meet the new triathlete-to-be. Oh, such pressure!