Just when you think you're tough enough


Triathlete disqualified for bike tampering in Ironman 70.3 Syracuse

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going the saying goes, but some others take to more drastic measures. A Canadian triathlete was caught red-handed at tampering with a competitor at Ironman 70.3 Syracuse and was disqualified from the race.

Racing in the 40-to-44 age group, Kristen Johnson spotted letting air out of the tires of rival Sharon Schmidt-Mongrain in transition before the race started. Both Schmidt-Mongrain and Johnson were top favourites in their age group, and their bikes were on the same rack.

(Christain Mongrain/Getty Images)
Husband Christian H. Mongrain saw Johnson tampering with his wife’s bike (and heard the pssssssh of air being let out), so he took photos and called for an official. His wife didn’t quite believe him when he later related the incident to her. The pressure of the tire was severely low and could have let to an accident had Sharon rode off in a hurry in the race.According to Slowtwitch, the official timer of all Ironman races in North America, SportsStats, confirmed that the tampering did in fact happen—and resulted in Johnson’s DQ. She was allowed to start the race, but was later disqualified—Mongrain was told that the officials were conducting the investigation, but wouldn’t give him information until afterward, when it was completed.

“I was under so much pressure to perform, and I made a wrong decision, and am sincerely sorry of my actions. I don’t know why I did it, and I cannot even believe I did it. I am not a horrible person, just someone that made an impulsive, bad decision, and I know that I need some serious help.”” said Johnson.


(Christain Mongrain/Getty Images)