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Triathlete Aimi Iwasaki Develops Fourth Discipline in Lockdown

Caught unaware with the sudden change in life during this MCO (Movement Controlled Order) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all struggle to maintain normalcy yet strive to maintain our athletic performances.

Malaysian triathlete Aimi Iwasaki has settled back in her hometown on Penang island, amidst a beautiful idyllic setting. Indeed, she is blessed with a vast garden to maintain her activities in the swim-bike-run sport.

The Culinary and Fine Dining graduate has been using this period to delve in gardening, farming, exploring her love for cooking, all while training twice daily on alternate days.

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Knowing that everyone’s doing their part and I should too, by spending my time very well. I make it a point to set the right intention in every single thing that I do.

From her video on Instagram recently, the 24-year old used resistance bands to aid her training, and we are most envious of her garden runs. She also let slip that she includes some workout while doing housework which makes it really fun!


Music has also been key to keeping Aimi motivated and inspired. From her mixed Japanese-Malaysian parentage, it is no surprise that she loves Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Korean songs. Jay Chou ranks highly as her all-time favourite singer, while Aimyon (Japanese singer/songwriter) inspires her with various songs such as “MIO”, “Jennifer”, “Kaze no Sasayaki and “Kimi wa Rock wo Kikanai”. She listens to these to hype up her races as well.

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In these unprecedented times, we should take the time to be grateful for the simplest things in life. Besides swim, bike and run, Aimi has been setting her pace by developing her fourth discipline – mental health. She has taken to simply breaking things down to analyse and setting one goal at a time.

Gradually, she has also seen an improvement in her physical health, and finds that she performs better in everything.

“It took me years to learn all these things but I had a deeper impact from MCO, knowing that you will never win alone as we rise by raising others.”

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