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Tri-Factor World Championship launched in China sold out within 24 hours

Top Asian multi-sport brand TRI-Factor has announced a bigger World Championship event in China Quzhou on 21-22 September 2019.

The 11th year edition with 2 new countries across Asia, Vietnam and Indonesia saw a bigger demand of athletes to join into the TRI-Factor global program. Top 50 winners from the 2019 regional TRI-Factor races will qualify for the TRI-Factor World Championship elite race with a total cash prize purse of more $20,000. All age-group athlete slots were sold out within hours from launch.

TRI-Factor has launched 2 new iconic races destinations in Vientam – Vung Tau and Indonesia- Belitung, and will be working closely with the National Triathlon Federations and local partners to embed the TF Academy grassroot programs in 2020.

TRI-Factor also launch new awards, such as Series World Champions, Best Country Athlete of the Year, Best Country Junior Athlete of the Year, Best Veteran Country Athlete of the Year, Top First-Timer Athlete, and Top First-Timer Junior Athlete. Companies and triathlon clubs can also get on the board with the Club Challenge and Corporate Challenge which has country and regional categories.

12 times Ironman Champion and TRI-Factor Global Ambassador Cameron Brown,  said:

“I am excited to see how TRI-Factor is growing from strength to strength. I am pleased to have the opportunity to spearhead the TRI-Factor Academy program and with my 33 years of professional racing, I hope to help more athletes become better and stronger.”

For further information about the TRI-Factor Asian Championships and T.A.C.A. status, visit www.trifactor.asia

TRI-Factor Asian Championship 2019 races :

    • 31 March  2019  – Phillipines Clark  – Completed
    • 7 April 2019 – Vietnam Vung Tau  – Completed
    • 14 April 2019 – Singapore, East Coast  – Completed
    • 16 June 2019 – Singapore, East Coast  – Completed
    • 7 July 2019 – Indonesia, Belitung
    • 14 July 2019 – Malaysia, Putrajaya
    • 14 July 2019 – Singapore, East Coast
    • 22 September 2019 – Malaysia, Putrajaya
    • 22 September 2019 – China, Quzhou [WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP]
    • 7 October 2019 – Malaysia, Johor (TBC)
    • 13 October 2019 – Thailand, Hua Hin
    • 3 November 2019 – Indonesia, Jakarta
    • 24 November 2019 – Vietnam Vung Tau