Just when you think you're tough enough


Tough Cookie on the Slopes: Michelle Parker

Michelle Parker
Michelle Parker

Michelle Parker is without a doubt one of the most dominant female skiers out there today.

What does it take to be tough in the snow? The views from the snow-capped mountain tops might be amazing to the eyes, but anyone’s legs would go soft like jelly once you’re up there.

Michelle straps up to ski down one of the steepest slopes, with such grace and poise. Her part in “Fade To Winter” got her a nomination for Powder’s “Best Female Performance,” and it should come as no surprise as she was charging some big lines all winter.

Fade to Winder is a movie that captures the spirit of ten skiers who go to great lengths for the sport that they love, featuring jaw-dropping action from Alaska, Iceland, British Columbia, Japan, Colorado, Italy, and New England.

Regardless of weather, conditions, or the effort required to get there, “a bad day of skiing still beats a good day at work.”

Watch her highlight reel skiing down some pretty steeep slopes!

Source: Red Bull