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Hey fellow Tough Asians!
It has been awhile since we last reported on obstacle runs/courses.
It is understandable, since obstacle runs are rather new and the major ones in Asia only started few years ago.

Reebok One Challenge started its first race last year in Malaysia. Despite being a runner friendly race, we are still seeing many runners holding themselves back. But much has changed since last year, and we are seeing a surge in the participation number. Limited to only 3,000 participants, all spots has already been taken up within five days since the registration was open on 5th June, well above last year’s 1,900 participants. Looks like we are getting comfortable with obstacles races.


Still held in Putrajaya with (a vengeance!) 15 obstacles, as opposed to seven last year. We can safely expect more core and upper body engaging obstacles, as well as more demanding terrains, like trails and mud.

So, what more can we expect from Reebok One Challenge this year?
I don’t know. There hasn’t been much information on the race course. One thing we can be sure is the course would be wet, as Reebok Malaysia is introducing a series of obstacle running shoes (which I do not mind getting myself a pair).
Besides, the race is not going to be ready until 14th September. Anything before September would be speculative, unless it is released by Reebok Malaysia.
Let’s hope we are more prepared this year! See you there!